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The staff at Atlas is here to assist you in all aspects of payroll reporting and preparation. We will provide you with a complete package of payroll services, which include, but are not limited to:

• Payroll, bonus and commission check processing
• Maintenance of all payroll records
• W-2 processing
• Vacation, Personal Time and Sick Pay accruals
• Calculate, deduct and remit all Federal, State and Local taxes
• Deduct garnishments, IRS tax levies and Friend of the Court payments
• Quarterly report processing including FICA, FUTA, and SUTA
• Unemployment Tax calculation and payment
• Handle payroll and IRS audits
• Process certified payrolls
• Web-based payroll reporting available
• Prepare standard and customized payroll reports
• Direct Deposit maintenance and ACH billing



Benefit Services  

While Atlas offers business owners freedom from administrative burdens, it can also help small businesses compete more aggressively for talent. Often, Atlas can offer your company top-notch benefits not available to your competition, allowing you to retain and attract better employees.
Atlas has the unique advantage of offering their clients larger benefit buying power in the ever-expanding marketplace of Health Insurance and additional “value-added” benefits. Atlas works with you to tailor a benefits program specific to your worksite and employee needs. We help alleviate the headaches of the open enrollment process, COBRA compliance and HIPAA regulations.

Benefit Programs include:

• Benefit Administration – Obtain quotes on benefit plans, process billing, automatic payroll deduction __for all selected benefits, and assistance in claim inquiries
• Group Benefit Plans – we offer both Dental, Vision and Life Insurance coverage as a group wide plan. __This can be employer sponsored or a voluntary election for your employees.
• COBRA and HIPAA compliance – we provide all services involved with keeping you in compliance with __COBRA and HIPAA requirements.
• Flexible Spending – employees may set aside pre-tax dollars for medical and dependent care __expenses.
• 401(k) – Employees will choose from a platform of top rated funds, should your company choose to __participate. Money will be invested directly from payroll deduction.
• AFLAC – Many policies to choose from, including the Accident, Intensive Care, Cancer, Hospital or __Recovery policies and more.


Human Resource Services

The highly skilled Human Resources staff at Atlas is here to assist in all your HR needs. We help your organization avoid costly mistakes while navigating through regulatory complexities.

HR Services include:

• ADA, FMLA, EEO, INS/I-9 compliance
• Records Administration
• Employment Regulatory Compliance
• Unemployment Claims Management
• Wage/Hour Law Compliance (FLSA)
• Termination Procedural Consultation
• Employee Handbooks
• Immediate Problem Support Consultation
• Drug Screening Administration
• Motor Vehicle Records Administration
• Background Check Administration
• HR Legal Trends and Legislation Updates



Safety & Risk Services  

Atlas Professional Services can provide a wide variety of services geared towards increasing work place safety, health, compliance and profitability. Our staff will work closely with your company to help you realize your company’s full potential.
We can identify the safety and health liabilities associated with our clients business. Atlas’ expertise in the safety and health fields and dedication to our clients, provides affordable and timely Occupational Health & Safety Prevention Programs.
Atlas’ goal is to respond intelligently and proactively to client needs with the professional and highly technical skills required for solutions to today’s complex Occupational Safety and Health problems. We realize that every business is unique; therefore, the safety and health approach should be as well. Our “value-added” services give our clients a new dimension, which allows for the growth, profitability, stability and professionalism needed to succeed in today’s market place.
Atlas’ safety procedures were created to enhance our clients’ accident avoidance programs. Whether your organization is small or large, new or established, any business faced with workplace safety exposures will eventually come under scrutiny by federal, state, and local agencies.

Atlas’ Occupational Safety & Health Management Services include:

• Accident/Incident Investigation and Analysis
• Job Hazard Analysis
• Occupational Safety & Health Program Assessments
• Occupational Safety and Health/Loss Prevention Training
• Workplace Safety Committee Development
• Evaluation of Ergonomic Risk Factors and Exposures

• Improve employee safety awareness and productivity
• Prevent employee accidents, injuries, and illnesses
• Reduce equipment downtime
• Maintain compliance with regulatory requirements; safety program and training
• Reduce the Experience Modification Factor and insurance costs; gain a competitive edge
• Increase employee retention
• Prevent Workers’ Compensation fraud and unfavorable publicity


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