About ATLAS Professional Services

Atlas is an industry-leading PEO specializing in providing employers with best-in-class HR outsourcing services and support. As a pioneer in human resource outsourcing, we offer a comprehensive package of PEO solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses.

At Atlas, we want to be your HR outsourcing partner.



Atlas provides business solutions for employers through a Co-Employment relationship.
Atlas assumes all of the human resource administration duties for your business under a co-employment arrangement.

Atlas can and will fill a vital need for your businesses. Any small business owner today will readily admit that his business would probably operate more efficiently and profitably, if their time and energy weren't so preoccupied with government paperwork and regulations.

Atlas eliminates this headache by assuming the responsibility for all of these functions and much more, leaving the business owner with more time to manage their business. Atlas becomes a co-employer, which enables it to pay taxes and administer human resource rules more effectively. The small business client continues to hire and manage employees just as before.

In addition to eliminating all payroll, government reporting, insurance, and administration worries, Atlas may be able to negotiate better rates and terms for employee benefits. This enables the small to medium size business owner to attract and keep the most qualified personnel.

Atlas has positioned itself to take advantage of this rapidly expanding industry by developing the systems necessary to acquire and service our expanding client base. State of the art, custom designed software for payroll preparation and administering employee benefits enables Atlas to efficiently handle hundreds of employees with minimal in house personnel.


What is a PEO?

A co-employment arrangement in which the Professional Employer Organization handles the time consuming but necessary administrative tasks of being an employer. This allows the business owner to focus on their core business, which allows for increased efficiency and profits.


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