We're Here to Help Your Business Succeed

Simplify your business with our HR management solutions.

We're Here to help your business succeed

Atlas Professional Services is a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO. We provide you a variety of HR-related services such as payroll processing, benefits administration, workers’ compensation claims management, risk management services and more. You’ll work a team committed to your success in every aspect–and one who creates customized solutions based on your individual needs.

Specializing in Human Resource Management

By partnering with Atlas, your company gains access to a team of service professionals in the areas of human resources, payroll, workers’ compensation and risk management, unemployment, benefits administration, and employment-related compliance.

Giving you more free time & saving you money

Atlas eliminates payroll, government reporting, insurance, and administration worries. We are an industry-leading PEO specializing in helping you with best-in-class HR service and support.

Attract and Retain top employees.

Atlas provides you and your employees access to enterprise-level benefits at prices that makes sense for you. Better benefits makes recruiting and retaining quality employees easier--and helps you reduce turnover, improving productivity, and boosting profitability.